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Investment Manager Facts

When it comes to investing large amounts of assets, an investment manager is the logical choice for most people. Most mutual fund companies or investment firms have investing counselors who are in charge of handling individual accounts or complete mutual fund groups.

They do this by controlling an investor’s portfolio either by direct action from the client or discretionary money management where the investor allows the investing manager to decide on what to do with his investing instruments.  An investor is not just a private client but also refers to any agency that uses asset management investing as a key part of their portfolio.

For someone interesting in becoming an investment manager, it is best to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business. It is also necessary to complete at least one year of Chartered Financial Analyst Training if you are going to work for an investment firm. Also, it required to get registered and a license when working as an investing counselor.

The first year salary for this job is around 30,000 dollars. It doesn’t sound like much, but it has a sharp annual increase that in five years, most annual salaries increase to between 80,000 to 100,000 dollars for this profession. Portafina Website

The most frequent type of investment manager is those that work with mutual funds. A mutual fund manager is in charge of handling large pools of money that individual investors have grouped together and allowed the manager of these funds to handle the discretionary decisions when it comes to investing this money. Most mutual funds consist of investing in the Stock Market, bonds, securities and other short term money market instruments. This type of plan usually benefits all those who are have money in that fund. The downside is that if the assets lose money, all the investors lose money.

Before the current economic situation, investment management was a growing job field but now its job prospects have dwindled slightly during the current recession

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